Springboard is a series of workshops and interactive events, which aims to provide a unique learning platform to passionate professionals who are essentially connected with brand communication. This includes creators (advertising professionals, animators etc.) and key decision makers from the client side.

Powered by Setu Advertising, the idea behind Springboard is to help these professionals expand their understanding and perspective of looking at different aspects of design, writing, creativity and technology.

Springboard will give them an opportunity to gain knowledge from allied verticals, which will in turn add to their existing skills and allow them to take their work to a higher level, in the never ending pursuit of excellence.

Comprising of 12 workshops and interactive events conducted by experts, Springboard will cater to learning in:

Writing: Explore writing of different forms like copywriting, screenwriting etc.

Design: Interact with designers and get a first hand idea about their thought process.

Creativity: Expand the horizons of lateral thinking through unconventional methodologies

Technology: Connect with virtual reality and the digital world for next-gen communication.